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is there any reason for the name 2?


It is the sequel to a game called “CRAZ’D!” but at the time I censored myself, so “CRAZ’D! 2” became “2”. The game was created over 2 years, which was the longest time I had spent working on a game at the time.

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I got 100%!!

can I still get the first dino boner if I wasted the key on the door below the bed????

Keys all have unique colors, so I don’t think that should matter!

wtff ive completely lost the green key umu. I swear I checked everywhere. Maybe I left it in a dream??

IIRC there are no dino boners locked behind a door. You probably used the key on the only door it works with!

omgg im so dumb XD

I was really tired watching the raocow playthrough and thought the key idea worked and got him a boner


amazing game. very fun and very cool

This game is gorgeous, i got it with the queer bundle. Can't beleive it's name your own price from $0. Thank you for your generosity. 



If anyone is reading this:
Can someone please help me with the 3 digit number?I have seen the signs
from it, first digit should be 1.
third digit should be 2 since 8 fits 2 times into 8.
and second digit must be 1,2 or 6 since only does have 3 letters.

I tried each combination, namely 112,122 and 162.
hitting that action block each time but nothing happens.

must all be wrong.

can some pleas ehelp me there?

I am also a bit stuck.
like i got to the games end and am looking for the last 2-3 chests, 2 bosses and such.
from what I see one upgrade shpould help me with the red fluid and another one msut be some high jump thing.

cause from the scren with the 3 digit number mentioned above, 2-3 screens to the right, there is this thing that stands up when you get close.
somehow there must be a way to go up from there since I couldnt find any entrance from elsewhere.

also some unreachable heart to the left of the cacti shaft, would also need some super jump or soemthing there.

would be great if someone could give me some pointers :-)

Hi! 21 mod 8 is not 2. mod gives you the remainder!

so gotta try 113,123 and 163 then

neither of these work either.

maybe the numbers the other way around?

god, I am so dumb O_o
remainder of 21/8 isnt 3, its 5....

21 mod 8 is also not 3.


This is probably about the weirdest game i have ever played.

Just found the meadow, now time to hunt those remaining items and bosses and such :-)




Silvagunner brought me here as he did many


One of my fav games of all time. On my first replay since early 2017~. Still sick!

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doesn't seem to function anymore? when I run the .exe nothing happens, a "groan log" txt file is created but nothing is in it! this is windows btw. and I wasn't using the app when I did this.


haha cool. i am also experiencing this. i'll investigate a bit


I added an alternative windows download "2 (Windows Executable + JRE)" that might be worth trying.

I didn't experience it when it wasn't working, but this version is working perfectly for me.


SiIva brought me here


Two weeks late, but same.


Me too!

Good game.


this game looks really cool but i can't run it, when i install it from the itch app i get a folder with game assets but no exe to run, and when i download it from the website i get just an exe file that doesnt work, any help would be appreciated

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nvm i managed to get a game download link from the launcher (which ran when i put it in the folder with the assets) then i could run the zip i downloaded from that link


i have many questions but if your thing works then it is fine !!!!!! hope u have fun

thanks! yeah it works i know i explained it very badly but its fine now lol


Ha! Take that game!


so I have nearly all the hearts, and I'm stuck at the dream room in the caves (where it looks like a giant crossword and you have to put in a code). Could you please give me a hint?, also is filling out all the boss pictures necessary to get a heart?

cave dream has an *-marked spot where you can reveal the solution to the puzzle. you dont need all the portraits for anything

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wow thanks!

by the way were you inspired by An Untitled Story?, it certainly bears a lot of resemblance in some places (in a good way) and I really enjoyed the game, even if it was really weird.

I am funnily still stuck despite seeing the solution.
I choose the lines as shown there but nothing happens :-/

Edit: In the solution, against what one would assume , the x are where the bars should be :-)




This game has a lot of personality as far as visuals and audio. I wish I could see that in the gameplay, which was polished - but way too similar to many platformers out there. Still worth a play IMO!

I got this game in the Good Bundle and I love it! i don't know if this is the best place to ask this, but i've become very stuck, is there a guide anywhere out there? from research, i kinda know what i need to obtain the rest of the hearts and i've scoured everywhere in game for hours and it's frustrating because it seems other people who played it to completion are figuring it out

theres a lets play by raocow but i dont think anyone has taken the time to create a text guide!!! good luck!!! i believe in you!!


Thanks! it wasn't coming up before on youtube when i searched before bc of the weird titles but that helped!


Every time I try and download this game my computer thinks it has a virus and then deletes it... GAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAH


you should consider using antivirus software that isnt bad. you may want to change your gatekeeper settings in your browser or operating system in order to play video games. this is the only advice i can offer with such little information

OK, I might as well go into more detail then.

When I try to download the game, whether in Microsoft Edge or Google Chrome, the browser says that there's malware in it and then Windows Detector deletes it... the funny thing is that the vast majority of other games I download download perfectly fine... uurgh...

google chrome is known to flag games as "malicious" or "suspicious", but these files can actually still be kept using a drop-down menu in the download bar. windows detector sounds like bogus software but you might actually be talking about Windows Defender instead. if you can provide screenshots of the messages you receive it would be useful. you might want to investigate the gatekeeper settings in your web browser

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I love it! Took me about 5-6 hours total to get to the end. I think I did nearly everything but get all the health upgrades (missed 5 or so), but I may have to go back and see if I can't 100% it. Well worth checking out.

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Although not without it's problems (walljump isn't great), 2 is one of the best exploratory platformers out there. I've played it through all the way 2 times and even speed ran it a bit. Highly recommended!! (Also, great to see you using itch! Put 121 on here too, it's also great!!)


hope this will finally get the attention it deserves!! <3