A downloadable simulation for Windows and macOS

An experience consisting of 121 cells. Use F4 to toggle fullscreen. Tap ESCAPE to save and quit. Hold ESCAPE to restart.

If you are interested in playing the game with additional content for a small price, check out 121 DELUXE!

If you enjoy the soundtrack, you can listen to it freely or pay what you want here!

Install instructions

This game requires Java 1.6 or above to play! The game is downloadable in the form of a Windows .exe and a Macintosh .dmg containing an .app. It has been wrapped in the Hubolauncher designed by my friend the Oddwarg. After the initial download, an internet connection is required to download the necessary game files (roughly 14MB). The Hubolauncher is capable of providing you with the latest version of the game should there be bugfixes or secret additions while automatically preserving your saved data.

The Windows executable is wrapped using the Oddwarg's groan autodeployer.


121 (Windows Executable) 198 kB
121 (Macintosh Application) 95 kB

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