Be an iguana and save the world from evil.

This is a game based on Oddwarg Animal RPG, a 2003 Game Maker game by my longtime friend and mentor. I played it extensively as a child, and it fueled my curiosity for programming.

Nowadays, I find there is a sweetness about its naivete and unique understanding of what an RPG is. With this project, I am exploring my nostalgia for the original game (and its unreleased sequel).

Space U Q
Move Jump
Use potion
View potion supply ???


The game's 44 original songs were composed by me. On many of the songs, you will hear the influence of composers like Gary Wilson, the Oddwarg, and The Residents.

All of the instruments were played by me, typically on a cheap MIDI keyboard, and recorded in realtime.

Get the soundtrack

Source Code

If you are a freak and/or geek you might be interested in looking at the source code of the game.

It was written in TypeScript and uses a heavily modified version of the PixiJS rendering engine.

Some of my favorite technical accomplishments include: strongly-typed level files, enemy attack patterns written using async/await, and cutscenes written using async/await.

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Updated 5 days ago
Published 13 days ago
StatusIn development
PlatformsWindows, macOS, Linux, HTML5
Rated 4.9 out of 5 stars
(11 total ratings)
GenreRole Playing
Made withAudacity,, PixiJS
Tagsclown, Cute, iguana, lizard, Metroidvania, reptile
Average sessionAbout a half-hour
InputsKeyboard, Xbox controller


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IguaRPG (Windows .exe) 147 MB
Version 1.0.3

Download demo

IguaRPG (macOS .app) 146 MB
Version 1.0.3
IguaRPG (Linux executable, AMD x86-64) 145 MB
Version 1.0.3


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Very cool game. I feel an Alex Kidd Miracle World's vibe in it.


I thought this game was very cute. The character creation itself was fun, and I made mine look like it had gotten into my heroine stash. The music itself was nonstalgic and unique (it'll be playing in my head for the next few hours.) For the bit of the game that I played, I'll rate it a   Cool/10.


this is a pretty cute game  and I love the art style


I love this

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IguaRPG, I've completed the second round and am halfway through the third!

I really like the characters, both the town's inhabitants and the enemies, because they are so unique! I especially like the design of the iguana who has a cold and his nose looks like tears! The controls are simple, but the action is very challenging, and the bosses require repeated attempts to learn their attack patterns, but I was very happy when I beat them.

The high degree of freedom in character making is also good. It was so good that it could be a game in itself. Character creation can be done from the demo version of the browser, so I hope many people will give it a try!

I'm going to include a few spoiler elements here. After completing the second round of the game, I'm still thinking that IguaRPG still has some mysteries left to be solved! I am currently playing the game while trying various things, wondering if the fact that I can skip the bosses and get to the end is related to some secret element. What the heck is a clown army!


Hello! Thank you so much for playing. Your iguana is so cute! I am so glad that you enjoyed the game! I watched a couple of your streams, and was happy to see that you found all of the major secrets! I also like your Sylvie Sunday streams :-)

I made mine yoshi :)

Oh, you should try to post it again!



Yoshi :)

this is really lovely. The enemy designs in particular I really enjoyed. The bouncing clown guys are so bizzare and a nice introduction to the central conceit of touching things to hurt them, unless they hurt you. The game is full of really cleverly designed aspects whose simplicity hide the fact that it's actually quite a difficult game. 

I gave up on the second boss, I thought since I could skip the first one that might be a theme, but that wasn't the case. The prospect of grinding more to level up didn't really appeal to me, though I do really appreciate this style of inventory system, where you feel that with particular combinations of items you might prove yourself to be much cleverer than the game. It's pared down here compared to clockwork calamity, but IguaRPG has an economy of design that arrives at the same feeling with far fewer thingamajigs.


I want to say IguaRPG is an incredible game, I hope that you can release it on steam and it gets a bigger audience :) It is an amazing game with very cute charm and fun challenges and surprises :)

Thanks a lot for creating this incredible game, just managed to get 100% clear in the game :) And for it is worth, I know my type of games are different from the ones you create but I always wish that one day I can create incredible games like yours :)

Thanks again :) I hope that one day, we will meet in real life :)


igua rpg. player igua is looking aside with 'w' face as oracle says "a great evil has entered the world." 
this image has an indescribable energy

just finished it first time around. i love this game.

I love your iguana! I’m so glad you love the game :-)

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I beat the game on Linux! It worked perfectly.

I really liked the game and your message at the end. The world felt cozy and everyone was nice to me. It was a fun place to roam around for a while, and I really liked the pyramid challenges.

Also just since I'm here, thanks to both you and Sylvie for It's one of my favorite games.

Also the music was really catchy!


I’m so glad you enjoyed the game and its music! And I’m glad you liked JIGGLY ZONE :-)


I remember playing the demo! Awesome job devs!


Don't feel powerless. You are very powerful.


Mac and Linux versions work! Tested on 3 devices, one of them M1


I'm quite surprised! But cool! Thank you for doing that.


I can confirm that the mac version is working out of the box on my M1 machine :)


O wow I got defeated by an angry snowman. This is cool for now :o